After only one day with iOS 13 installed, I reverted back to 12. I think I’ve realized that I really just need a dependable, functional device to keep notes, take photos of my kid, listen to music, etc. Or maybe I’m just old. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

For those of you running it, how stable is the iOS 13 beta right now?

For all the negativity online, I enjoyed Tom King’s Knightmares arc on Batman. Aside from the couple Flash crossover issues, the main story was pretty great and the payoff in issue #70 was worth it in my opinion.

I quickly jumped over to the Google Store and pre-ordered the Stadia Founder’s Edition before remembering that the games available at launch are not exclusives, and use a controller instead of a keyboard/mouse.

Sooo I’m cancelling… I think?

I’ve been in a massive gaming slump lately, not sure what game to play or finish at any given time. In the past couple months alone I’ve started Shakedown: Hawaii, Days Gone, and Far Cry: New Dawn only to have them get shelved after a dozen or so hours, unfinished.

It took three dozen emails from Razer (what?) over a period of six months telling me that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was on sale but I finally bought the game… at full price.

Earlier tonight, I updated my site to Ghost 2.23.0 and integrated via the big API update today. In fact, this post was written there and sent to my blog. Success!

I just tried running my custom Ghost theme through their GScan validator and only got one warning, which I’m pretty pleased about as someone who barely knows what they’re doing.

I’ve enjoyed revisiting Dragon’s Dogma on the Switch. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel or add much β€” if anything β€” to the original game but it’s surprising how little of it feels dated. It also feels and plays pretty well on the Switch.

I’ve had a blast so far with Shakedown: Hawaii on the Nintendo Switch. I’m in love with art and animation style. It’s amazing how much life pops out of each pixel. There’s a million things to do so it definitely scratches that completionist itch.